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May 26, 2010


Oh deary, deary me...I've jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. Very scary experience I tells ya!

Just so's you know...if we still have readers on here, Matt has one as well.

Stop it!

How many people do you have to almost run into before people will put their damned cell phones down and just drive?

May 18, 2010

Lo-Jack 'em!

After watching part of the Chelsea King stuff on Today and thinking about the Chelsea's Law proceedings I wonder about one thing...why don't we Lo-Jack offenders? Sexual Offenders, Drug Dealers, Killers, etc...etc...etc...

If we're going to go ahead and release these folks back into regular society why not just fit them with a tracker for the rest of their lives? It's a lot like tagging an animal and tracking it in the forest right? That's basically what the parole system "tries" to do, track these people out in the real world, but how good a job can they do when it's like thousands of parolees to a single parole officers who is overworked and underpaid? Take all the guesswork out of it, tag them, track them, make sure they stay within a certain zone, and if they don't, bammo, bring them back in. Don't make it some sort of external tracker either, go ahead and pin these bastards like you'd track a dog, something under the skin, inside of a bone, attached to an organ, under the rib cage, whatever...

The folks who would say no to this kind of activity would probably be surprised at the amount of offenders of non-sexual nature that live within miles of their homes. Since we don't really track these folks, who knows right? Make it a part of the parole and make these folks sign their "rights" away. They're technically being "tracked" by parole officers now, why not just make it more certain?!?