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December 09, 2004

Damn Dirty Apes

I work with some damn dirty people. Not dirty in the fun sense... Dirty in the outright disgusting sense.

On most days, I am the first person to get to work. When I get here, the bathrooms are clean. The floors are mopped. The toilets are scrubbed.

By 9:00AM, the floors are sticky and people have pissed all over the toilets.

I don't get it.. What is wrong with you people? Do you piss all over the floor at home? If you do, remind me never to come to your house. I have never worked anywhere where the bathrooms are this bad.

It really grosses me out... I hate having my shoes stick to the floor.

Let me give you a piece of advice once given to me by my father... "Step closer... It is shorter than you think."

"Cleaning anything involves making something else dirty, but anything can get dirty without something else getting clean." - Laurence J. Peter

December 06, 2004

Legislating Morality

The other Angry Fat Man's post about morality in politics brought something to mind for me... You can't legislate morality.

Politicians have been trying to force their moral code on the common citizen for a long time and it is still happening today. One of the biggest failures in the attempt to legislate morality was prohibition. Prohibition was undertaken by an outspoken minority that pushed and lobbied the government about the evils of alcohol and how people who used it were bound to be degenerates. The government eventually acted and in 1920 a constitutional amendment was passed saying that the use and production of alcohol was illegal. After a short 13 years, the politicians took a look at it all and decided that there was no way to effectively enforce the law, so the amendment was repealed.

To me, this sounds a lot like what we are going through now... We have politicians wanting to amend the constitution to "protect the sanctity of marriage." Come on, guys... Do you really think that two gay men or two lesbian women who want to say they are married lowers the value of my marriage? Umm.. .no. It doesn't affect me at all. You are merely trying to push your morality off on other because the thought of two people of the same sex in a relationship makes your sphincter pucker.

Face facts, legislating morality is something that will never work. Morals change over time. You can create legislation that protects people from dangerous activities and from infringing on other people's rights, but not morality.

"Morality is herd instinct in the individual. " - Friedrich Nietzsche