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Its Not Enough

Finally, someone had gotten it right...

A family court judge in New York has told a woman that she is no longer supposed to have children. The woman has had seven children by seven different men. Every child has been placed into foster care and the last three children were born addicted to cocaine.

Considering the circumstances, I don't think that the judge went far enough. Not that she could have, but I think this woman should be permanently sterilized. I can't imagine the hell that her children have gone through. Being "raised" by a cocaine addicted mother who has been in and out of court for child neglect for the last five years.

The New York Civil Liberties Union is fighting the ruling saying that the mother has the right to procreate. Well, that's true, but come on... If for one second you think that it is a good idea for this woman to have another child, you need to have your head examined. This woman is a drain on the rest of the world and needs to be stopped. If she wants to screw up her own life, that is fine, but don't let her mess up the lives of kids that have nothing to do with it.

This whole situation brings back something that I have always thought. We should make people get a license to breed. We have to be licensed to do everything else, why not making babies? I know, it is difficult to enforce. Hell, almost impossible. And in this case probably wouldn't have changed anything. This woman cares nothing for her children, let alone the law.

I hope that we see more of this type of ruling in the future and that the ACLU falls flat on their faces trying to appeal the rulings.

"Contraceptives should be used on all conceivable occasions." - Spike Milligan


Agreed! Good one. I know some folks that can afford to have kids that really need to consider NOT having children or stopping having children.

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