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Damn Dirty Apes

I work with some damn dirty people. Not dirty in the fun sense... Dirty in the outright disgusting sense.

On most days, I am the first person to get to work. When I get here, the bathrooms are clean. The floors are mopped. The toilets are scrubbed.

By 9:00AM, the floors are sticky and people have pissed all over the toilets.

I don't get it.. What is wrong with you people? Do you piss all over the floor at home? If you do, remind me never to come to your house. I have never worked anywhere where the bathrooms are this bad.

It really grosses me out... I hate having my shoes stick to the floor.

Let me give you a piece of advice once given to me by my father... "Step closer... It is shorter than you think."

"Cleaning anything involves making something else dirty, but anything can get dirty without something else getting clean." - Laurence J. Peter


I totally know what you mean i was a housekeeper at a distribution center and no matter what everyday pee pee in the floor and all over the place, seats, walls, door. I was horrible, and i do believe that some people actualy used the toilet seat as toilet paper. somone shares my pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I saw your site on ww!!

That is disgusting!

yeah, aj was telling me about that as well. said that on one of the floors there was a puddle...and it wasn't water. (!!!)

he has also mentioned something he calls 'urinal beard'. *chuckle*

{Trust me, this has a point to this thread, I'll get there}

This is a crazy thing that the issue of "disgusting people" and nasty behaviors in the men's restroom, because the reason I found your site (this time) was that I put my name into google.com and one of the few things to come up was a couple posts that I made to your site about one year ago about organic cigarettes & another post. Well, talk about "disgusting people", that post was in that category for written communication from myself; you even blocked another post I responded with about a diet. I used my real name, because I remember thinking it was just going to email you & it wasn't a blog (I was the first comment & your page came up on a google search of organic cigarettes). Either way, talk about being grossed out by people; my posts were worse than seeing and smelling a fresh soy dump that somebody decided you should smell lest you don't hear of the father.

Anyway, your front page post about disgusting behavior relates, because someone who did something disgusting that you witnessed & were horrifed by cameback to your site & was horrified by my own actions. Seeing my own actions it reminds me of why it's a great idea to stay centered, because I get like that when I don't. At yet another point in my life of missing step with my center at some point, I may have even left a dump for someone to smell and have the pleasure of flushing, instead of I.

So, possibly the people that pissed all over your toilets were actually quite good people, other than when they have total lapses of all memory of being a good person.

Hey, It happens!

Wow, OnceUponPoster sure does talk purty!!! Talk about governmental double speak...are you in politics? The metaphors and references to yourself in a third person loop is just astounding...I was so confused that I understood the whole post!!! That's talent. Goodonya!

People are pigs. If they don't have to clean it up who cares! I wish people would know how to flush the damn crapper.

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