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Day 59: Job Creation

John Kerry decided today to talk about jobs, so that seems like a good topic for me.

Both Bush and Kerry are campaigning on the issue of jobs. They are both spending a lot of time in the "Rust Belt" section of the United States: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio and Pennsylvania. Of these, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania are considered "swing states". More on that topic in a minute.

They are both going into that section of the country and talking about how they are the candidate that is going to foster more job growth and it is going to help them. The people in the Rust Belt. Here is the problem with that argument... I don't believe it. Not at all. In fact, I think that it is nothing more that hot air.

Here is why... The Rust Belt states have been in decline for the last 40 years. The main problem is that the steel industry can't compete with steel manufacturing from other countries. One person, whether they are a Democrat or a Republican is not going to be able to help them out. But, if they are able to convince them that they are, then there are three of the coveted swing states and that candidate will be that much closer to the White House.

At this point, the whole job creation argument is a fighting point that is going to win the person with the most convincing answer a couple of swing states. It doesn't really affect me personally, so at this point, neither candidate has gained any additional credibility.

The score is tied at 0 - 0.

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