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Ultimate Cost Cutting

I love it when a company comes up with a novel cost cutting feature. Most companies today are perform cost cutting through layoffs and outsourcing.

Sprint, along with performing layoffs and outsourcing, has recently decided to create a "Prairie Grass Restoration" area in the center of Overland Park. All around their world headquarters building. This isn't just some small patch of grass... It is 100 acres of grass.

Now, I am sure that you are asking yourself what a "Prairie Grass Restoration" project is. It is an area of ground that you allow to return to its native habitat, allowing the grass and natural plants to grow.

Or, in other words, you stop mowing it, put up a sign that says "Prairie Grass Restoration" and then send out a press release saying how much you care about the environment.

Here is the part of this that I find really funny... In Overland Park, it is illegal to let your grass grow to over 8 inches without mowing it. Sprint can get away with it because they are Sprint.

I hate to mow. I mean I really hate to mow. I pay someone to do it for me and it is pretty expensive.

So, here is the new Shepker family plan for cost cutting... I am going to turn my whole yard into a "Prairie Grass Restoration" area. I can throw up a sign, just like Sprint did. Heck, I'll even send out a press release. We'll see how long I can make it happen.

"The tallest blade of grass is the first to be cut by the scythe." - Old Russian saying


Well, they couldn't cut anymore people, so they decided to get rid of the people that don't even really work for them. Poor Hermes Landscaping...

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