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It Wasn't Me...

I can't say it was the one armed man, but...

Remember back when you were a kid... At some point, your mother or your father will tell you that if you ignore something, it will go away.

Anyway, I was looking at the referrer logs today and I noticed that I was getting a great deal of hits from a particular website. I am not going to go in to which site, because it really isn't important. I decided to go out and take a look at it to see what I was such a hot commodity on that site. What I found out was kind of interesting... On that site, there was someone who called himself the Angry Man. This person had done something in the recent past to really piss those people off. Someone started searching for this person calling himself the angry man. They found me. I started reading the posts and these guys were out for blood.

I read quite a few of the posts and found one guy who seemed to be keeping his head. Kept saying that I might not be the right guy. So, I figured that I would email him and let him know that he was right... I'm not that guy. I remember thinking that it was dumb the entire time that I was writing the email, but that didn't stop me. I suppose it was a little bit of paranoia. Anyway, I sent it off and I think I started off a landslide. The guy I sent the email to posted something to that site and now people are really commenting.

Oh, well. Live and learn. And listen to your parents.

"Even paranoids have real enemies." - Delmore Schwartz