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Get Over Yourselves!

I really don't understand local news. They take themselves way to seriously.

Sometime around 4:00, some guy who had a beef with with the city blew up his house and then started shooting at the rescue workers that showed up to put the fire out and help with any potential injured people. Very newsworthy story. The problem is, they devoted the entire 5:00 newscast to going back to the same three reporters who had nothing new to say after their first report. Then, they preempted the 5:30 national newscast to continue to cover the same amount of nothing that they had been for the previous half hour. After that, they spent another thirty minutes going over the same non-information during their 6:00 newscast. Now, so far during the 10:00 newscast, they keep interrupting themselves for "Breaking News", which is the same thing. Over and over.

As another example, a couple of weeks ago, Kansas City got about a foot of snow. As they always do, the plows went out to work on the roads. The news that morning told us that it snowed and that the plows were out working on the roads. Then they preempted the morning national news to tell us that it had snowed and that the plows were out working on the roads.

Are these guys paid by the minute or what? If you have something new, tell it to me. Otherwise, stop cutting back to reporters who have nothing to say.

The facts, just the facts. That's all I want.

"The one function TV news performs very well is that when there is no news we give it to you with the same emphasis as if there were." - David Brinkley