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I am a member of an online martial arts forum that has recently brought up the issue of respect.

There has been some pretty lively discussion in regards to how you get respect. There are some who feel that respect is something that is bestowed. There are others who feel that respect is something that must be earned.

I am one of those that feel that respect must be earned. Both in the Do Jang and in the world outside of it.

I once had the... er... pleasure to do business with a client that believed that he should be respected because of his position in the company. He once informed me that he deserved respect of every person that walked through his door. After spending a great deal of time with this person, I can tell you that there was no way that I could respect him. No one deserves respect. Your actions gain you respect, but nothing is going to make me respect you.

A title should not garner you respect from anyone. A person can respect the title and offer you a level of courtesy because of it, but that will not gain you respect.

On a side not, I apologize to anyone who takes issue with my quote for this post. While the author of the quote was a vile human being, the quote is accurate.

"I can fight only for something that I love, love only what I respect, and respect only what I at least know." - Adolf Hitler (1889 - 1945), Mein Kampf


Great, we got a CIA file now, you just quoted the red flag of all red flags on the internet...NICE!

Respect it a hard earned entity. I teach school so by my title according to the school handbook and am to be respected but I learned a long time ago the respect must be earned and as hard as it is to earn respect it is very easy to lose. I work hard to earn the respect of the kids at school, a hard job especially with a generation that has great difficulty respecting anything or anyone.

No comment.


I grew up in the Eastern world where teachers in school still literally beat and harass respect out of students... where senior students in college residence still haze respect out of freshmen - they might manage to extract the temporary "respect" - but as time changes, and when you're not as young, and when you no longer hold the authority you once did - - all that changes! ;) That's when you really get to know whether the respect you earned was true......

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