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In Other News... TAWCHiK Sucks.

I know that I run the risk of offending people that I know that work at TAWCHiK, but I have to say, their service sucks.

What is TAWCHiK? TAWCHiK is The Anonymous Wireless Carrier Headquartered in Kansas. I am not going to say their name here for reasons I'll go in to later, but this Google search should help clue you in.

First of all... why do they suck? I am not sure I have the space to outline it all, but here are some of my recent issues:

Service - I drop calls on a daily basis. TAWCHiK tells me that my phone software is not up do date, but they can't load any newer software version on my phone because it is up to date... After talking to them further, they basically told me that all providers have this issue, so suck it up. Hey... Thanks for that. I get to pay $100 a month for pretty much nothing. I think it is a good business plan... I am going to open up a restaurant with a great menu and then just serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. When people complain, I'll just tell them that the silverware doesn't support anything different.

Coverage - TAWCHiK supposedly has a nationwide network. That is debatable to say the least. My phone spends more time looking for service than anything else. To top it off, TAWCHiK's world headquarters is less than a mile from my office and less than two miles from my house, but I can't get decent service at either place.

Claire - For those of you who know who she is... 'nuff said.

Customer Service - I had an issue on my bill that came in the mail yesterday. I had only used 600 minutes of my 2000 minute plan and they started dinging me for overages. To the tune of close to $60. I figured that it would be a quick fix when I called them. Five different people and an hour later, they finally managed to credit my account for $40. The didn't know why the overage happened, but the did tell me that if it happened again they would be more than happy to fix the issue. Well, thanks for that.

Now, as to why I won't post the name of the company out here... About three months ago, a local radio personality said something on her morning talk show about how she had some issues with TAWCHiK. Within minutes, the phone lines to the radio station were jammed with people who were sharing horror stories about crappy service and less than helpful customer care specialists. This went on for quite a while. The next day, TAWCHiK sent out a company wide email outlining how they were pulling all advertising from the radio station, that the person running the show was going to be censured and that the radio station was going to give them 30 minutes to outline how wonderful their product really is. What crap. It's not like the disk jockey was inviting people to call in... she just mentioned that she had had a problem and everyone else decided to vent at the same time. Anyway, the point is, when you use a public forum to let people know how bad TAWCHiK's service really is, they will get their dander up and make problems for the person that criticizing.

"Make service your first priority, not success and success will follow." -Author Unknown


You mean, big #4, the ones that are still in the red and are hoping that their wireless division will help out their failing wireline division...that company...yeah I think I know who that is. I can tell you that the current company I work for makes sure that Bedminster, NJ (HQ) is the most densely covered area, because everyone has heard about the TAWCHiK campus debacle. Tee hee.

Diligent web crawlers can actually look back at some of my older posts and find the name if they really don't get the clue ;-) And trust me, after realizing that you want to hide your badge every time you leave work so you don't get the "what's wrong with my service", it's a load off working where I work now.

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