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Stealing Jobs!?!

President Bush outlined a proposal that would allow illegal immigrants to become legal workers and eventually permanent residents of the United States.

The only catch is that the people that are already here, and any that are coming in, must already have a job.

Overall, I really don't have an issue with this. First of all it could make thousands, if not millions, of people that are here working in the United States legal. Beyond that, though, it makes them regular working citizens. That gives them workman's comp and guaranteed wages. That is a boon for them. Even better, though, that would make their wages taxable. That would be an even bigger boon for the federal, state and local governments who are already shouldering the health care and education burden for these people.

So far, I have seen two interviews with people who are against this. This first was Pat Buchanan . This is the same Pat Buchanan that wanted to build a fence around the United States to keep all illegal immigrants out. Well, that's a real shocker that he doesn't like the idea.

The second interview that I saw was some leader of a union. I don't have a lot of respect for unions to start with and this guy didn't do anything to help that. All he kept saying was that these immigrants were coming up from Mexico to steal hard working American's jobs. I would really like to see his statistics on that.

I don't have any statistics to prove him wrong, but I do have some anecdotal evidence that casts everything that this guy said into doubt. Take a look around any major metropolitan area. Right or wrong, where do you see the majority of immigrant workers that could be affected by this law? Around here, they are mowing lawns, doing construction, replacing roofs, picking vegetables or cleaning houses and offices. I can't see a huge glut of non-immigrant workers lining up for any of these jobs. To me, this proves the argument that immigrant workers are stealing jobs is crap. Most non-immigrant workers don't want these types of jobs. They are not coming in and taking office, technical or even skilled factory jobs. For the most part, they are taking jobs that require them to stand up and do manual labor.

Even if there is a downside, which I haven't seen yet, the upside of being able to track these workers and collect taxes from them makes this plan a good one. And, if someone can prove to me that there are actually jobs being lost by American people, then I may change my mind.

"People who work sitting down get paid more than people who work standing up." - Ogden Nash (1902 - 1971)


Yeah, I'll bet the real reason some of the folks are against is because they won't be able to pay their gardner 2 bucks an hour....they'll have to hike it to the minimum now!

I mean, illegals are going to be here as long as jobs are here, so they'll be here for more than the program's three years anyway, right? Well, if we actually keep track and they can't keep jobs....we can boot em back to the border! I think we need to sign an agreement with Mexico to take our people that don't work in trade :-) You know, those same Americans that would rather NOT take the manual labor jobs, because it's too below them!

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