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Organic Cigarettes Revisited

A couple of months ago, I posted a rant about organic cigarettes. Basically, my point was that it makes absolutely no sense for anyone to spend $2.00 extra a pack to purchase organic cigarettes. I really don't think that it makes a difference whether the tobacco that is in the cigarette is ogranically grown or grown right next to Chernobyl, it is going to contain carcinogens. And I hate to tell you, carcinogens will kill you.

The main reason I am dragging this up after this long is that a passerby to my site decided to stop and comment on that post. This person actually tried to say that purchasing organic foods is the same as purchasing organic cigarettes. What a misguided individual. The only correlation that I can see is that they both cost more. That's about it.

Someone out there is a marketing genius. This person has suckered a very large number of people into believing that organic cigarettes are better for you than regular cigarettes. I can't tell you whether or not organically grown produce is actually better for you than commercially grown produce. What I can say is that you can actually purchase ripe organic tomatoes in January. You can't say that about your usual grocery store tomato. I guess in an organic cigarette, you can guarantee that your carcinogens were harvested at the peak of freshness and grown without any type of pesticide.

"There's a sucker born every minute." - David Hannum, not P. T. Barnum


Hello- In regards to organic cigarettes, you are correct in saying that they aren't health products. However, you are nothing but a damned fool IF you think there as bad as cigarettes with all of the chemicals. Yes, organic tobacco is NOT a beauty product, but it is nowhere as bad for one as all of the chemicals. Any jackass with half a brain can sum that up. For example, Liggett cigs have ingredients on the carton. If you think all of those chemicals don't add up to extra health problems, you're an idiot.... Period......

hey. I don't know who you are, I stumbled here while googling up "organic cigarettes". I know I'm gonna sound like a complete fool, but I am a smoker, and I'm also sensitive to certain chemicals. I have to be extremely careful when choosing cigarettes. Most major brands have a tendency to trigger seizures or loss of consciousness for me. organic or additive-free cigarettes are a godsend. winston silver, 305s, and american spirit are the safest of the non-organics. just thought you might be interested.

I am a smoker,have been for 47 years .Can't quit would like to try chemical free tobacco.I'll take my chances with the tar and nicotine.At least the nicotine won't be enhenced by chemicals.Where can one purchase these chemicals free smokes.

Man, you are barking up the wrong tree. If you had RTFA, then you would have seen that I think the organic cigarette push is a marketing boondoggle. I am the wrong person to ask where to find them...

As for quitting, you have smoked for 47 years. Sounds like you will have one way to quite pretty soon.

you haven't done your research

If you want to continue smoking: Choose -certified organic- cigs. You make the farmer happy as well since it is fair trade also..

Ok, Im not sure what the negative chemical content is of organic, chemical free tobacco (Organic is a misleading term. Just because it was grown without chemicals doesn't mean they won't throw em in during processing) but Im willing to wager that chemical free tobacco, though probably not healthy, is not going to do quite the same damage as say a variety including arsenic and cyanide. Just a thought.

I am not a scientist but a thinker. I do smoke every once in a while because of the flavor. I was trying to do some simple internet research on the natural chemical compound of a tobacco leaf and found hardly anything.I do understand that it consist of natural nicotine and when smoked carbon menoxide. But yet, I feel that if it is 100% natural then it is ok. The body can take care of the chemicals or by products. It is the abuse in using the tobacco that poses a threat. I don't think the American Indian smoked a pack or two a day. It was ceremonial or medicinal. Perhaps if there was some kind of etiquette on the package saying "do not smoke more than 2 a day and when relaxation is desired". ( just a stupid thought I guess) kind of like a bottle of tylenol. You know, no more than 6 pills in 24 hours.
My other thought is the chemicals in a regular cigarette that interblend with everday chemical use. Such as food preservatives, hair care products, radio waves, Automobile fumes. Could all this trigger the cancer gene? Any thoughts people or am I just blowing smoke.(Badum pump chee)(no laughs..but cricket noises)

I would like to add my 2 cents then I will be broke. It seems everyone is putting way too much emphasis on what the market says and does. Try smoking a cigarette and instead of consciously or subconsciously telling yourself that the cigarette is going to give you cancer, tell yourself that your body will absorb only the medicinal properties of the cigarette and discard any harmful byproducts. Does not everyone within the reach of my statement not believe that their mind is that powerful. I believe mine is. My adopted Mother died of liver and lung cancer and had NEVER smoked a cigarette in her entire 73 years nor did her lips ever touch alcohol. Everything starts with intention. If your intentions are that smoking will cause you to die of cancer then I am sure that it will do just that.

Huh. This is an interesting discussion. I smoke organic tobacco. I've been doing it for a number of years now. I have no illusions that I'm killing myself any less by smoking organic. But I figure, hey, if I'm gonna kill myself, why not support the organic farm industry in the process?

Hm well, okay. The thing most of you aren't talking about is the fact that major cigarette manufacturers use chemicals to make you addicted. Why? To kill you. Money is a good addition.

I agree with becky, people have to do research. Cigarette companies put hundreds of chemicals in their cigarettes and organic or natural cig companies don't, and you rationalize until you think they're the same? And if you have doubts of organic tobacco sellers processing their tobacco safely, asking quesitons might help.

"I can't tell you whether or not organically grown produce is actually better for you than commercially grown produce."

Go eat your cobalt-60 and cesium-137 irradiated commercially grown produce.

hi this board is interesting because i was trying to find a way to convince my dad to quit smoking (even tho he smokes organic tobacco). I was wondering if it had any link to the second hand smoke studies i saw on the
news that said second hand smoke can cause breast cancer over time. can anyone help me out here? thanks so much!

In New Guinea 80% of the population smokes. With the high rate of smokers you would think they would all be dying of cancer or cardiovascular disease! But they are not! They have a very very low rate of both! Because they grow thier own tobacco and do not use pestcides/or chemicals. But smoking is not good, but their diets make up the difference because they eat organic natural food.

what brand do you smoke, if you do smoke that is. i smoke organic american spirit, i dont think they use phosphate fertilizers, do they?

To shed some light in this smoke-screen filled room...
-American Spirit does not use any processing chemicals with their tobacco other than water.
-Organic tobacco growers do not use phosphate fertilizers. We also do not use aldicarb(Temik), maleic hydrazide or Orthene. Google these products and decide which you would rather smoke.
-Any time you burn something, organic or not it produces potentially harmful fumes. If this makes you feel holier-than-thou, ride your bike and wear extra sweaters in the winter.
-Organic tobacco growers are deeply appreciative of the support from the concious smoking community. American Spirit's program has converted over 1000 acres of conventional farmland to organic production. Today we are growing organic vegetables, culinary herbs and free-range beef as well as tobacco.
-Some of us are taking this thing to the next level. We have recieved approval from the US Treasury and Tax Bureau to market our tobacco as whole leaf directly to the consumer. We hope to educate interested parties about the spiritual uses of tobacco as medicine, as a sacrament and as a social bonding ceremony. Western society turns everything into an addiction - food, sex, adrenaline, they will all kill you if taken to the max. Tobacco Spirit teaches us that very small amounts of some things can have very powerful and beneficial effects when used properly. For a short treatise on The Respectful and Ceremonial Use of Tobacco, please email me.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a commercial seller of Organic Tobacco in Canada. Brand names or bulk? Thanks!

There's a major assumumption here, reminiscent of the anti-abortion people saying that "abortion is murder". That is, that ANY tobacco is not good for you.

Rusty has a good point.. perhaps it's the QUANTITY that's bad for you.. too much vitamin-C is bad for you.. too much exercise is bad for you.. it's just that perhaps due to the crave-enhancing chemicals in regular cigarettes, smokers over-indulge.

MAYBE organic cigarettes, in moderation, has beneficial effects, just like many herbs!

Organic cigarettes are actually more unhealthy for you. I just read an article about it on some lung cancer website. Whoever is marketing these organic cigs or natural whatever crap, is just creating a huge scam.
"Natural tobacco often contains higher concentrations of tar and nicotine, and the smoke has greater levels of toxic agents such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia and carcinogenic hydrocarbons." http://www.californialung.org/spotlight/naturaltobacco.html

all of you organic cig lovers check this out...any thoughts?
american spirit cigs have one of the highest nicotine ph levels in the business according to this website. even though there are no additives in them, they might be the most addictive...ever wonder why they give away FREE cartons?
david NY

I just bought a pouch of american spirit organic cigs. I've been contemplating starting to smoke. I like the effect it has. It seems to help me concentrate at times, giving me a boost, or helping me relax.

So, I think I'll probably start... I don't think I'll ever smoke more than 5 cigarettes a day... I'm going to see how it is smoking 2 a day is, and go from there. If it starts bothering my throat I'm going to stop.

I exercise everyday and eat healthy.

However, I think in this world we live in, we need to strive for mental health as much as physical. I think its possible the mental benefits from organic tobacco (in moderation) outweight the negatives.

Actually smoking organic cigarettes is MUCH better than smoking commercial american grown cigarettes. American tobacco growers use phosphate fertilizers that are tainted with radioactive Polonium and Lead. The metals get stuck in bifurcations in our lungs which results in large amounts of ionizing radiation. This radiation causes about 97% of all lung cancers.

Organically grown tobacco makes no use of contaminated fertilizer and hence you are ALOT LESS LIKELY to get cancer from smoking. That is not to say that smoke doesnt contain carcinogenic compounds. However, those of those who live in the city are chronically exposed to small amounts of pollutants/carcinogens like ozone, rNS, etc.

So, the point Im trying to make is that this may have lots of marketing hype behind it, but unlike most of the time, its for good reason.

Imouthes MP

First off organic is better, better for the body and better for the environment. So i ask the question to all you critics. Do you actually understand the term organic? If not, I recommend researching it because it might actually expand your mind past your 13 years of American education. Also, buying organic products supports the independently-owned ma and pa farmers, instead of the fat man collected a monthly check. Freewill is a choice, so choose wisely. "An organic apple a day will keep the doctor away."

I just want everyone to realize that an opinion is an opinion and the internet is not a source of knowledge, but a referance tool for information and all that information needs to be checked by more sources beyond other web-sites. Anyone that eats fast food, takes perscription or over the counter drugs on a regular basis shouldn't even post their opinion on cigg smoking because their in the same boat as us cancer kids. I don't take advice from a using herion addict who's trying to convince me to give up the wiskey bottle(it's the same situation).

I am a smoker and I can easily vouch for the benefits of organic products and organic cigs. The benefit of smoking an organic cigarette over say a Marlboro light or similiar trash should be obvious to everyone that has opposable thumbs. But there are ignorant people in every corner of the world. Everything we consume should be as close to nature as possible. American spirits cost a dollar or two more that mass produced garbage cigs and they don't contain even close to as many harmful substances and burn twice as long as they are real tobacco...hmmmm..not a tough choice at the counter.

I have been a smoker for 30 years and have within the last year switched to American Spirit and I can honestly say I really notice the difference in how I feel. I have tried quiting smoking more times than I can remember and have finally just said screw it - I like smoking, and in moderation will smoke till I die. I have bought a Premiere roller and using the tubes have gotten the cost of a pack down to about $2.50. Imagine my surprise, though, when I went in last week to get a sleeve of tobacco and discovered that they had increased in price by a dollar. Why you ask? Because R.J. Reynolds has bought Santa Fe Natural Tobacco which makes American Spirit. So much for supporting the independently owned ma and pa farmers. Does anyone know of any other small independently owned organic cigarette tobacco businesses? Not only am I offended by the price increase, but I don't trust those bastards one bit - I sure it won't be long before they are sneaking in chemicals or growing it in less than organic conditions.

I have to comment here. I switched to organic cigarettes a couple months ago. My energy level is higher and I don't crave a cigarette as often as I used to. The organic cigarettes I purchase are half the price of Marlboro and I enjoy the flavor just as much. I smoke Native and I purchase them from .

I hear a lot of people in here trying to feel intellectually superior by calling those that don't agree with their vice a moron. It goes to show how it's always been: some people might actually listen to those that speak the loudest, not to those that have reason on their side. Oh, Almighty Smokers: Provide us with actual, reputable, scientific research that your organic smokes are healthy. Not that I'm an expert, but wouldn't you think that Big Tobacco, with the millions they pour into research, might have already been one step ahead and discovered that they are actually healthier? Then why wouldn't those crazy government health institutions agree?

You seem to be an intelligent person. Your take on organic cigarettes makes total sense. I read something a few years ago about organic vs. regular and they both can kill. I just returned from Whole Foods (an organic food store on Long Island), where I bought my bagels and veggies. If organic cigarettes were good for you, wouldn't they sell them at Whole Foods?
Why is your site called 'Angry Fat Man'? Why not 'beefish smart guy'. ;-0
Have a great day!

How about just not smoking anything but pure sweet God's gift "oxygen". How about that for a brainstorm concept. Pretty damn SIMPLE.

Dude, God should make oxygen cigs, that would be great. We could call them "oxy-cigs". And we light them with WATER instead of fire.

I'll ask him if he will do that when he comes back.....

There are independent organic tobacco producers who sell whole leaf organic tobacco direct to the public. A yahoo search for "SYO organic tobacco" will take you to their websites.

"Christians hold wine so sacred that it is used to represent the "blood of God" in communion. Native Americans believe that tobacco is a sacred and powerful herb to be used occasionally and sparingly in ceremony. Western culture turns everything into an addiction. When we take that which is sacred and make it profane, we do so at risk to our health."
'The Ceremony of Tobacco'
by Sun Butler. Reprints at sunbutler2001@yahoo.com

anyone thought about the taste? i dont think i saw one post about taste. organic cigarettes like most organic products just tase better and well worth the extra time effort and price (to grow and produce).

Does anyone know for sure that organic tobacco isn't fertilized with phosphate fertilizers, the ones that contain the trace radioactive isotopes of lead and polonium? I did a little internet research and it seems like some phosphate fertilizers, like apatite-derived rock phosphate--the source of all those radioactive isotopes--are a permitted substance in organic agriculture....

Hi folks, I'm from the Uk and thought I'd add my own bit from this end of the hemosphere! This is a very interesting debate and as a smoker who enjoys smoking and refuses to be made to feel guilty about it as it's my only vice. But I would still prefer less chemicals in my cigarettes. I felt compelled to get some real answers to the questions and doubts raised here so I have emailed the American Spirit company direct with the following questions and I will post their reply here if I get one. Maybe it will help clear things up and maybe not.
Email sent .........
I was looking down your list of non used additives and though I'm pleased that you don't use them some of them appear to be harmless like raisin juice.
What I am very concerned about is the use of phosphate fertilisers, the ones that contain the trace radioactive isotopes of lead and polonium which are very carcinogenic. Please could you advise if these are used in either the normal or organic versions?

The number of additives you claim to not put in has gone down from 599 to 464 and although you explain in your FAQ section that this is because other tobacco companies now use less chemicals you do not reassure us that you have not added any of the other 135 chemicals that were previously included in the 599 and are therefore still excluding all the previous 599.
Can you confirm this? If so please add it to your website.

Doubts are on many internet sites about the long term integrity of the take over company R.J. Reynolds who bought Santa Fe Natural Tobacco.
With the continued growth and demand in the market for cleaner cigs it is imperative that you do not lose your status as a non additive cigarette or the next independent that does will surely be preferred by all your customers and you would lose most of them.

Yes, we all know smoking cigarettes is bad for you but if you must than the ones with less chemicals must be significantly less bad for you, well I hope so anyway!

i have been smoking american spirit organic roll your own's for a few years now. over the last year, i have noticed the tobacco flavor has changed a bit, and keeps changing with every new bag. i have also been plagued with chain smoking and numerouse failed attempts to quit smoking.

i have heard the rumors that R.J. Reynolds bought out Santa Fe Naturals and that American Spirits have nicotene levels anywhere from 5-10 times that of other brands. i am slowly reading up and finding out that these rumors may be true.

my suspicion is that American Spirit is somehow modifying their plants (through bioengineering) to come up with a stronger, more nicotine potent plant. other American Spirit smokers, have you noticed any changes in the past year-year and half. the bioengineering suspicion could be as simple as cross breeding the stronger plants.

i do understand that the FDA & USDA, have really relaxed definitions on organic farming, so that may explain the flavor that i am experiencing with the new tobacco. perhaps i am to blame for a more intense addiction to nicotene and smoking in general. perhaps big tobacco is at it again, trying to get us hooked through their usual deceptive games, tricking us to smoke their cigarettes because they are more "natural."

please, anyone else with a similar idea that we are being tricked again, let me know so i am not crazy.

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