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Wacko Jacko

Michael Jackson... What can I say? I have been thinking about the direction that this rant is going to go since last night. I have two spins on it, so this will be a combo-rant.

First of all, the guy is a freak. And now, like some disturbing deja voux, we are hearing about a young boy that is accusing him of molesting him. It completely amazes me that he has all of these people coming out of the woodwork saying that it is a conspiracy and that he is such a wonderful person. Mr. Cochran, please sit down. You are like some sort of big freaky moth attracted to flash bulbs and news camera lights. Already, Jackson has gathered all of his lawyers around him and denounced this as untrue. Most likely, these people will find a way out of this for him. That's what lawyers are for.

Is there a single person out there that actually thinks this guy is stable? I haven't met one yet. This is a person who has undergone so many plastic surgeries, that his nose won't stick to his face anymore. When he goes out in public, he makes sure that his kids wear masks or otherwise have their faces covered. I can't imagine the type of mental scarring that those kids are enduring.

It was a real eyeopening event for me when the Martin Bashire interview with Jackson aired earlier this year. He came right out and said that he likes to share his bed with children and it is the most loving thing that you can do. Not his own children... any child. Hey, Michael... Here is some advice on loving children. You can love children... you just can't love children. You want to make sure that a kid feels accepted and loved? Don't bend them over and make them call you Peter Pan.

The second part of my rant is directed at the parents of this kid that got to "spend the night" with Michael Jackson. What kind of screwed up parents are you? This guy has been implicated in molesting children before. I can't imagine any reason that I would let my son within 300 feet of that man, let alone let him stay the night with him. You either have to be completely misguided and stupid or have ulterior motives. After all, Jackson paid millions of dollars to keep the last kid quiet.

Hopefully this will wake the world up enough to see that Michael Jackson is a dirty old man that needs to be separated from children at all costs.

"Lawyer, n. One skilled in the circumvention of the law." - Ambrose Bierce (1842 - 1914), The Devil's Dictionary


To stop the flames before they start....yes we all think he has been a big influence in music, a pop icon, etc....I personally love his music from the early days, even into the 80s.

That being said, the man is a nut-sack, he dresses up like a cross between Liberace and a nutcracker. Can we blame him for who he is and what he has done? Dunno. Can we blame Joe for smacking his kids around, Dunno, don't hear anything this bad about Tito or Jermaine! Can we blame society for making a Pop GOD out of this guy and putting him in a place where the amount of adoration and rabid fandom is greater than that for Elvis??? Maybe. I mean, talk about a complete mind screw. People get money and fame, and then become out of touch. So much that they sometimes can't tell right from wrong. He's changed his race so much and hacked his face that he looks nothing like he did twenty years ago.

Leave Micheal Jackson ALONE!!!You do not need to be so ofencive. How would you like it if someone told you that you had sex with a boy?Well? Leave him alone is all I say!

From a fan of Micheal Jackson.

For one thing Michael is not Micheal, SP, and offensive is not ofencive, which tells me your not old enough to know any better, but this man is a pervert. He sucks! in more ways than one.

bashire s an evil man we can let him get away with hes done

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