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WLNP + Consumers = Confusion

Well, the wonderful world of number portability is nearly upon us. For those that don't know, this new rule allows you to move your tel number from one carrier to the next without any setup fees. This is great for the consumer, if they know the rules...so here's a little chunk of info.

1. Your number has to be portable to begin with, if you call your carrier they can tell you if it is or not. OR lookup a LERG website where you can do free NPA-NXX searches and see if the exchange is Portable = Yes. Yes I can lookup your exchanges if you REALLY don't like talking to your provider...Lord knows I didn't when I had a Sprint phone and still dread calling Qwest for my landline (Spirit of Service, my ass).

2. Check out the fees that you will owe to your current carrier for breaking a contract. Changing to a new carrier is free, getting out of your old contracts usually isn't. NO, I CAN'T LOOKUP YOUR ACCOUNT, EVEN IF YOU KNOW WHICH CARRIER I WORK FOR, I DON'T WORK FOR THAT DEPARTMENT.

3. Always check to see what carriers are the best in your area. Laughable as it may be Sprint PCS is NOT the best carrier in Kansas City according to recent independent studies. Heck, they aren't even one of the top 2 in 1 of the studies.

4. Landline to wireline portability is not a definite yet, some companies have locked their local, LD, wireless together in some regions or across the country. Just don't think that you can move an NPA-NXX to a wireless carrier and then to a different wireless carrier before Wireline and Wireless portability are merged...you'll just confuse everyone involved!

Good Luck,
Oh and.........if you can't hear me now, you must have a PCS phone and are driving down Metcalf near the Sprint campus.