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Alright, now I'm just nit-picking...

Why is it that no one can seem to understand that a temporary tag for their car is just that...temporary? I saw one today that was a 30 day tag and it had expired September 5th. Even if I was reading it wrong and that was the date of issue, that still means that it was expired on October 5th. To take it a step further, if it was a 60 day tag, which they have out here in Colorado, and I was reading it incorrectly, this person was still 5 days late as of this writing.
I mean, c'mon, are we really that lazy? How tough is it to give up 30 minutes of your time at the DMV or the Treasurer's office getting a license plate? You would still have time to catch some lunch and go back to work in under an hour. Then again, I'm the kind of person that would run out as soon as possible and get a plate for the car mainly because I don't want to make it THAT easy for someone to pull the VIN off my car.
Lazy Frickin' Bums.....


what's even more shocking is that they hadn't yet been pulled over by a police officer.

I don't know about you, but a DMV visit in my town never consists of only being 30 minutes.

Well, I've lived in Denver and Kansas City and the amazing thing is that Denver DMVs are a LOT faster than Kansas City. You really have to be smart about it, though. Don't go near the end of the month or on a Friday. Mid-month, Wednesday, at 10am can really be quite quick.

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