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I Love Me!

Last night was one of Hollywood's big I Love Me parties. The Emmy Awards. I usually get a kick out of watching these type of award shows because I like to see if anything that I actually likes wins. Inevitably, they don't. What is popular for the people does not always translate into awards, which leads me to the first part of my rant... That is that these shows are really not that great of a barometer to show what is popular with television viewers. Rather, they are the result of people lobbying other acadamy members for votes. Like any other election, proper campaigning can lead the vote in whatever direction that you want it. The Emmy Awards are not nearly as bad as the Oscar's. That is why you always hear about people campaigning and lobbying for an Oscar. Not that this is a real problem, it really doesn't matter. But, other than being somewhat entertaining, I just don't put much weight in it.

On to the second part of my rant... For those of you that watched it last night, you will know what I am talking about. What was the deal with Wanda Sykes. I have seen her in movies before, but last night she was two things: annoying and stupid. Even the venerable Bill Cosby wasn't really all that impressed with her and let her know, and I would assume that it takes quite a bit to piss him off. That was about enough to make me change the channels. I didn't, but I did use her as an excuse to leave the room whenever she walked on stage.

"Nothing would disgust me more, morally, than receiving an Oscar." -Luis Bunuel (1900 - 1983)


You wanna know the funny thing? A lot of the stuff I like won the awards. People have different tastes. I don't watch the Soprano's but they usually sweep. But I do like The Daily Show, Raymond, and Will & Grace. (Would it have been different for you if Ally McBeal was still in the mix ;-)

I completely agree about Wanda, she is rude, mean and generally a pissed off comic. I hate her style and the way she delivers, but it's still better than the anti-everybody comedy of Chris Rock!!

Actually, I really like Raymond and Will & Grace, too. It is just some of the other shows out there that I really don't care for. For example, a lot of the shows on HBO. Six Feet Under and the Soprano's. Also, I can't believe that they even took the time to do a reality show category...

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