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Despair and Woe

I think it is sad that such a disaster had to befall the nation and that we lost so many lives to the 9/11 terrorist hijackings and subsequent building collapses. I thought it was a moving tribute to have the children and loved ones of the many fallen read the names aloud in memorium. I remember exactly where I was when the first plane hit and watched as most America did when the second plane struck. But I had to move on.....

Death is an inevitability that is true to all who exist. No one can live forever and we should celebrate those that lived and were heroes of the day, and celebrate the lives of those who were lost. Is it the fact that their death was the pivotal moment in their lives? A bleak existence leading up to a horrifying end that needs to be sensationalized? We shall never forget the names, the videos, the pictures that surfaced in the weeks and months after the tragedy, but it's time that we all move on. The tragedy did not hit very close to home for me, but my mom knew folks that were killed in the government offices and David Angell, a 3rd or 4th cousin was on one of the planes. I still can't imagine focusing on the death of a loved one as my focus of being, life is mercurial and death nearly random, let the survivors and children move on, let them live the life their loved ones wanted them to live. Are we building a legacy of tragedy and hate, or are we allowing those who have passed to move on with love in our hearts?

One of my best friends' father passed on in the fall quite a few years ago. I've seen what happens when a family loves each other and holds each other up in the face of tragedy. In that quick and unforseen moment, a loved one was ripped away from the reality we know as life, but the family knew they had to move on and live their lives the way he taught them. Love with your heart as much as you can every moment of your life and continue to live the way those who have passed would want you to, for that is a true and lasting legacy...

To Ralph Simpson, A good man, A great father, and someone who I am a better person for having known! And to the fallen of 9/11 and their family and friends, Bless you and may God hold you in his arms.


well written last paragraph and breeding hate is a good point. im a pilot and i live in queens. my "PRE-9/11 life i loved looking at those towers and it was the symbol of ny in so many advertisements i watched the towers fall from my window and watched the smoke and dust rise for months it is a very hard reality to deal with. terrible tragedy u maynotlive close to ny but im sure you can identify w/ missing a train but not relizing it will save you life

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