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Finding Religion or Headlines???

If I stood up in front of a crowd and said, "I started a cult and we're going to be bigger than scientology....", no one would give a moth eaten dead rat's butt. But when Madonna touts her interest in Kaballah, everyone's interested. The papers would erupt if Chris Rock came out and said he practiced Baha'i or John Travolta was a newly converted Gnostic.

I'm tired of religion not just being someone's personal preference or something they grew up with or just simply something to believe in. Now it's like a badge of honor to find the wierdest crap to believe in or to know someone who was in the same Scientology circles as Travolta. It's sad to see people commercialize and sensationalize their beliefs in order to make a buck. In fact, Madonna has decided to do a new commercial for the GAP and in return they are going to carry her new book "English Roses" which is a childrens book that teaches some of the basic tenets of Kaballah.

So now, not only can I buy some abnormally small khaki's and a baby tee for my horribly bulemic girlfriend, but I can teach my child some super obscure, really ancient teachings that basically say water is water, land is land, and the big guy says be nice!

"When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad, and that is my religion." - Attributed to Abraham Lincoln