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Your car isn't that wide!

Hey, you! The idiot driving the Honda Accord with the stupid racing decals and the glass packs. Yeah, you are the one. I hate to tell you, your car is not that wide. Your car does not require taking up more than one parking place. Hell, you can actually park two of your cars in a single parking place.

I drive a big vehicle. Really big. It is a Chevy Tahoe. From a passenger vehicle standpoint, there are probably only four or five that are bigger. I can almost always get my truck between the lines. And, if I can't it is usually because some bonehead that can't park his little rice rocket between the lines. I usually do my best to piss these little punks off by parking as close to them as possible and making it as difficult for them to open their doors. I really don't have to worry about door dings... their doors aren't high enough to hit anything other than the running boards on my truck.

Now, there are two lines of thought on why these people do this. First of all, they are terrible drivers. Could be. At least for some of them, this is probably the reason.

I think the real reason, though, is that these idiots do it is because they are inconsiderate pricks.

Today, I was looking for a parking place at a local shopping center. I did find an empty one right next to a one of these little cars. Unfortunately, he was parked about a foot over the line. I tried twice to get into the parking space, but I couldn't make it, so I spent another 5 minutes driving around looking for another spot. Now, as I was walking up to the store that I was going to, the person who drove the car, got up from a park bench and made his way over to his car to leave. He watched me try to get into that spot from a bench 10 feet away and didn't move an inch. What a @$#%@#$%!

"On Monday mornings I am dedicated to the proposition that all men are created jerks." -H. Allen Smith, "Let the Crabgrass Grow"


"I think the real reason, though, is that these idiots do it is because they are inconsiderate pricks. "

I think you hit the dumbass, er nail on the head. I get sooo tired of dealing with these idiots on my daily commute into the city.

It's pure and simple. They have no other way to bring notice to themselves. They aren't smart, they usually aren't Vin Diesel strong or Paul Walker pretty boys. They want to be noticed so all they can do is act out like idiots, be inconsiderate and make their cars look like something out of a futuristic movie with lights blazing and music thumping.

There are very few things that bring my day down more than seeing some buffoon in a tiny car double parked. The problem is that this is every single day. For whatever reason, either these people just have no courtesy to anyone else in the world, or they are just too stupid to know how to park correctly. Now, we all know that it is more than likely as you said because they are "inconsiderate pricks", however, I for one get some joy out of the belief that they are actualy too stupid and were never able to figure out what those crazy little lines are for.

Regardless, every day I desperately want to take out my keys and put a nice little message on their car to remind them that it is "between the lines" not "over the lines".

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