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Angry Fat Changes

There are some changes coming to The Angry Fat Man. Now that I have recruited a new fat man to rant, there are several things that I am going to have to do to make the site multi-fat man.

First of all, the tag line on the site is going to change. The current tag line, the rantings and ravings of a crusty curmudgeon, doesn't really work when there is more that one. So, the new tag line is going to be, "Disproving the myth that fat men are jolly." I figure that outlines quite a bit of what we are doing here.

Secondly, the fat men are going to put biographies up. These will outline some basic information about us so you can know why we are the way we are.

Lastly, adding new fat men will help me ensure that we have more content on a consistant basis.

The more the merrier.