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The Night the Lights Went Out on Broadway...

Today, the lights went out on Broadway. OK, a little more that just Broadway. The lights went out in 9,300 square miles including New York, Cleveland, Detroit and several areas in Canada.

There are a couple of things that are open for rant on this. First of all, everyone is pointing fingers at everyone else. Con Edison, the power company that serves most of the affected area in the United States said it was a power plant in Canada. The Canadian Prime Minister came out and said that it was a lightening strike at a Con Edison power plant in Niagra, New York. Then, the Canadian Defense Minister came out and said that it was a failure at a nuclear power plant in Pensylvania. Come on guys! At this point, who care who's fault it is. Get the damn lights back on and then start pointing fingers. There is a lot of ice cream melting in the New York right now.

But, my real rant at this point has to deal with the media. It amazes me how quickly that the media can come up with names and theme music for media events. The major media outlets must have entire brigades of marketing people sitting around and waiting for something to happen so they can come up with marketable names. A quick look around the web and TV comes up with a few that makes me think these guys are overpaid:

BLACKOUT! - This is what CNN is running on their website. Hmm... Really. Hadn't noticed. Its not like every news station and website on the planet is running a story on it. Not only are they running this as their headline, it is a full page headline. Talk about sensationalism.

The Blackout of 2003 - Now this one is NBC's original. What happens if they have another major blackout this year? They will have to go back and rework all their graphics... It will be the the Blackout of August, 2003.

Come on, people. I know that every media outlet is trying to establish themselves as the place to go get your news, but does the news itself really need to be branded. In the past few years, the media has given us Terror in the Heartland (Oklahoma City - 4/19/95), Terror in the Skies (9/11/2001) and The Modesto Murders (4/18/2003). And I am sure that you can think of many, many others.

Just give me the news... Hold the sappy music and the sensationalism. Let me make up my own mind.

"Trying to determine what is going on in the world by reading newspapers is like trying to tell the time by watching the second hand of a clock." - Ben Hecht (1893 - 1964)


And why, oh why, do they feel they have to hold our local stations in thrall and pre-empt our regularly scheduled fun??? "There is a massage power outage covering northeastern states and Canada, it wasn't terrorism." Done, the end, now you can watch your regularly scheduled dreck.

Well, I meant a massive power outage, but that would suck if we lost massage power as well!

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