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A Flawed Copy of a Copy

We recently made our not-so-regularly scheduled bi-weekly trip to a local electronics store for some mixed media fun. We chose the store in question because of it's proximity to the house and amongst our purchases was a copy of the George Clooney remake of a Rat Pack classic, "Ocean's Eleven". When we decided to view our recent purchase a fun time was had by all, for a time. We were getting into the movie and the wonderful storyline, the boys were about to start the caper, and then.....fatal crunch....it looked like the digitized ugliness when you change channels on digital cable, then it died completely.

Nonplussed, we decided to wait until the next day to return the movie. My wife couldn't return the movie as she did not have a copy of my credit card to pull up those spiffy electronic tracking reciepts they have now.....but Ian (name not changed as the focus of my ire needs a real live name and being), the incompetent teen monkey who drew the short straw that fateful day, informed my wife that they do not have any more copies in stock, but surely they have a copy that we can go get at a sister store. The only catch is that the store sounds like it is about halfway between here (south Denver) and Wyoming. Joy!

When I came home from my tough day at the keyboard, we loaded up the baby and headed toward the brink of insanity once again. Again, Ian was there, standing around like he had nothing better to do, innocent as a gazelle about to get mauled by a lion. I calmly walked up and handed him my credit card, and after a few seconds he found it and started into the "we have no more copies" speech. I informed him that the copy we now held was flawed and would not play past chapter 19. He then informed me that according to copyright laws, they could not trade media nor return the purchase price as people make copies and try to return DVDs.

About this time, my wife started to get a little ticked off. The kind of anger that pops that little vein out of the forhead and makes people's heads pop in popular 1980's B movies. She began to argue more with Ian, but I stated the argument, "why would I make a copy of a flawed copy?" It made NO sense whatsoever. He could check the copy and see that it was crapped out. He turned around and said, "I'll see what I can do." When this happens in a situation like this, I always feel like doing a little Happy Dance of Joy, but you know that won't help your case out any if they catch you. So I held on to my dignity for another day.

Of course Ian returned and did the only thing possible to get rid of us for good, gave us our money back. And like usual when people are in this situation, he reiterated all of the arguments he had made previously as if it would lessen his loss of the argument.

God bless the poor folks who get in the way of a man returning faulty equipment....Why is it that when you buy a product, you can't return it because someone else has decided that they want to buck the system? If I say something is broken, I DON'T mind someone following up on it and playing the dvd/tape/video game to see if it is broken. No one even offered to crack out a DVD player and test it out! You would think this would be a good idea, especially if it was policy to deny returns for the stupid Copyright Laws!

Eh....whatever....guess we went Home Depot on him...but that's another story for another day.
This is like deja vu all over again. -Yogi Berra


After doing a little checking, I could not find anything on Internet or from local resources that say it is actually illegal to return an opened DVD. Store policies define what can and can't be returned and I am sure that the MPAA and the RIAA have leaned on large stores telling them that, if they allow people to return opened DVDs, they could be held liable for assisting someone to infringe on a copyright.

Additionally, most stores have policies that say that any copyable media can be returned in the event that it is defective or unopened.

In this case, sounds like Ian was on a power trip and has probably caused that store to lose a customer.

Nah, I don't give Ian that much credit, he's just a lowly grunt that was doing exactly what he was told. The reason they DON'T stick to their guns is the fact that they know it's a fat steaming load and that it wouldn't hold up if anyone was seeking some sort of legal action over a 14 dollar purchase.

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