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Something Bad is Going to Happen...

Hey, Mr. Ashcroft and Mr. Rumsfield... While I appreciate your vigilance, I think your recent warnings have been useless.

I know the arguement could be made that these types of general warnings have increased the vigilance of the general public and have helped people to see and report suspicious activity.

Personally, I think that these types of warning are useless. The text of these warnings are universal and were as valid before September 11 as they are now. Today, John Ashcroft came out and said that there was a "very real potential" of terrorist attacks attacks against American targets. This is something that we didn't know yesterday? This is something that we didn't know on September 10, 2001? No, we know that today and we knew that back then as well. Perhaps it wasn't as close back then as it is today, but the potential was as real back then as it is today.

It is also valid every time we get behind behind the wheel of a car or walk though a parking lot... The American people need to be vigilant at all times and report suspicious activity to the authorities. Well, yeah... I don't think I really need you to tell me this.

Somewhere... We don't know where. Sometime... We don't know when. Somehow.... We don't have any specifics. Something bad is going to happen.

Now, go back to living your life like you normally would.


The why is because if something happens the tax dollars which could be used for something actually useful would have to be spent on partician bickering over whose fault it was that it wasn't stopped. Think of all the congressional investigations that have taken place since the 9/11 events. The only real conclusion that has surfaced is that there was a lot of unrelated evidence that something was going to happen sometime. Gee I figure that even here in Western Kansas we will get rain, someday. Things like 9/11 have happened in the past and will happen again and as a self defense mechanism congress requires people to become fortune tellers. They are as accurate as the ones at the carnaval, heck one of these days they will be correct.


But if we live in constant fear, aren't we moving backwards in time to something you might remember, Pop?

The times when the old black and white films in school showed adults running to the curb and jumping in the street during a nuclear attack, or hiding under their desks waiting for the shockwaves of heat and death? Soon we'll have a wonderful PSA, narrated by Kelsey Grammer or some other star that's doing their 200 community service hours. We'll see everyone donning their gas-masks, from Mom and Dad, to little Billy and even Rover the family terrier. "see kids, even Rover knows his part...."

I'd rather live my life stupid and happy and get hit by a nuke on my way to work one day, rather than hiding in my closet every time an Al-Qaeda operative calls his mom and says the word America.

The fact that they tell you, "something probably won't happen but please watch out", does NOT help me out any! It mainly just makes me scared and feel like an idiot when I look at a coworker and think, are they here legally?

I CANT EXPLAINE BUT SOMETHING BIG AND BAD IS GOING TO HAPPEN SOON. I CANT SLEEP THE DREAMS ARE TOO MUCH. I AM STARTING TO DREAM AWAKE. It is an uneasy feeling but I just know. Almost like the so called moth man. But worse. Remmeber me Kevin 23 from tx

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