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English as a First Language

I was an unwilling party in one of the least intelligent conversations that I have ever heard today. Unwilling in the fact that I had to sit by and listen to this young woman spew garbage from her mouth while I waited for my food to finish microwaving.

For three minutes, I was subjected to this person telling a story that was frequently punctuated by words such as "fuuk'n" and "like" and sentences ending in "...and shit."

English is not an extremely complicated language and it really doesn't take a rocket scientist to speak it well. In fact, I have several friends that have learned English as a second language and can speak it very well.

I will admit that I am not always the most well spoken person on the planet. I do try, though, to avoid filling my conversations with junk that doesn't need to be there. I also admit that I throw in the occasional swear word, but I even try to keep most of that out.

People fill their speech with garbage when they have nothing truly intelligent to say. Excessively swearing does not make your speech more powerful, it only shows how ignorant you are.

I can only hope that the English language does not digress to the point where I have to listen to this type of thing long term. After three minutes, I was ready to beat my head against a wall. Any longer than that and I may have to learn how to speak Japanese.


Ah yes the younger generations language is always confusing to those of the next older generation. It is in many ways no different then the language that was so prevelent when you were the age of those that now drive you crazy. The other thing to think about is that by the time your children reach their teenage years yet another language that you will not want to listen to or even come close to understanding will have taken its toll on the English language.

Remember that the garbage of today will become the newest additions in the dictionary tomorrow.


Are you kidding me? I could probably be lumped in with the next lowest generation below Mr. Grumpy...I'm in the lead of these GenNext idiots. I even have friends that love to speak the way he was referring to...it's horrible, it's a gross permutation of language. We might as well say it's Englibonics...it's not really ebonics and it's not really english.

It's the repetition of like, you know, know what I'm saying, it assails and explodes in the ears worse than any rap concert. And of course that's what we have to thank for this horrendous new language, the media.

You wanna rant about something, rant about the idiots who can't get jobs because they speak like neanderthals and then blame it on race or socioeconomic status.

In this case, I am absolutely sure that I agree with Norby. Even if I don't understand or agree with how these people were speaking, one of the main things is that this type of speach is completely out of place in a work environment.

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