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Still no cure for cancer...

Just an update, there is still no cure for cancer.

While that may not surprise you, it does me. Especially when you have idiots that are spending precious research dollars figuring out such mundane things such as how Kansas is flatter than a pancake. Yes, that is right. There are morons somewhere that have actually figured out that, on average, Kansas is flatter than a pancake.

Ok, not particularly morons. When I read their research, these guys come off as really smart. I guess the thing that irks me is that, while the science behind what they are doing is sound, it is still bogus and really doesn't amount to anything. Who cares that Kansas is flatter than a pancake? For one, I could care less.

In fact, since I live in Kansas, I can categorically say that Kansas isn't flat. In fact, for anyone that says it is, I challenge you to ride through parts of it on a bike. If you can do it without breaking a sweat, then I will let you get away with saying that. Until then, you should just believe me... Kansas isn't flat.

One other thing... based on the scale, I would think that the Hemilayas would be flatter than a pancake. Take for instance a small crevasse in a pancake... It may measure a millimeter in actual size, but when blown up millions or billions of times to be in similar scale with Tibet, that same crevasse could probably reach to the moon.

Don't we have better things to spend our research money on than stupid things like this?


Dear Angry Fatman,there is no cure for cancer because they don't want one.I had cancer ,same as Lance ARmstrong's, and refused chemo and radiation, and after eight years many catscans etc, am cancer free. I applied my own research (I am a blacklisted scientist, see my website www.cancerfraudbadbiotech.com)and am alive. The biggest reason there is no cure or better treatments is because you don't get mad enough to demand public investigations. You'd be surprised at how much progress could be made if a few bad people were sent to prison. Maybe you should demand more. Thank you. E.A.Greenhalgh

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